Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Fotosizer Pro with - KaRanPC

INFO:Fotosizer is a useful batch resizer tool designed to be versatile and sy to use.
Fotosizer resizes your photos in just 3 sy steps: select the , customize the size settings, click on the Start button. Furthermore, you can rotate the , apply a sepia effect or change the JPG quality.

Incrsingly, sharing photos on the internet is becoming more and more popular. JPEG files from digital cameras taken at high resolutions are far too large to send over the Internet, with some photos ending up at 5 MB.
Fotosizer, can help you shrink JPEG s, along with other supported formats, and dramatically reduce Internet transfer times, enabling you to quickly and sily prepare your collections to be published on the web.

-------[Ftures]--------------------------------------Batch resizing:Choose to resize by percentage of width and heightChoose to set custom width and heightMaintain aspect ratioChoose where the resized s will be saved
selection:Add single or selection of sAdd s from a folderInclude sub folders when adding from a folderShows thumbnail preview list of s due to be resizedShows details such as filename, original file size, file type of s due to be resized
Supported Formats:JPEG s (*.jpg, *.jpeg)Portable Network Graphics (*.png) Bitmap (*.bmp)8-bit Compuserve GIF(*.gif)

-------[Requirements]----------------------------------OS: All.128 MB RAM.5 MB HDD space.SVGA or Higher Resolution Display with 800x600 or higher resolution.Mouse.board. .NET Framework 2.0 or higher.

-------[What's New in This Relse]--------------------.Fixed watermarks being clipped. (Professional Edition).Fixed Watermark position so watermarks are not cropped when using rounded corners setting. (Professional Edition).Added Shadow setting to text watermarks. (Professional Edition).Updated Chinese (Simplified) translations..Fixed trunion of text watermarks when using the "Elephant" font. (Professional Edition).Added "Force lower-case file extensions" to Destination settings..Added "Resize by one side" resize setting to allow resizing by Width, height, Longest side, or shortest side only..Added parameterized text watermarks using the "Insert Variable" button to add variables the same as Filename mask. (Professional Edition).Fixed rounded corners setting so that line border not drawn around . (Professional Edition).Fixed Save to Compressed ZIP file fture so that extracting files from the ZIP file using WinZip does not cause an error. (Professional Edition)

====================================================================PROGRAM PROVIDED FOR TEST PURPOSES ONLY!IF YOU LIKE THIS PROGRAM, SUPPORT DEVELOPERS, PLSE BUY IT!====================================================================HomePage -

File Size : 1.5 MB


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