Wednesday, May 18, 2016 Synchronizer 7.01 + Synchronizer 7.01 + To save data to internal or external hard drives, USB sticks, SD cards and other re-writable media always has one big disadvantage: No user uses the same path and later he finds out that a folder he
once crted for security backups was used to change files while the content of an original source folder was not modified anymore.

Others copy documents to a USB stick, make changes to the file and forget to overwrite it later on their local computer. Or they save a file on a network drive to allow other users to make changes but do not remind themselves to update the file for their own local use before they edit the data again. Synchronizer is able to compare folders, detecting new files as well as modified ones and always saves the latest versions to both folders. Now you do not have to care about having the current data anymore.

You can start a synchronization manually or configure the program in a way that it does this job for you scheduled and automatically!


Very sy-to-use interfaceSynchronize as many local or external folders as you wishProgram can also rd from and write to SD cards, USB sticks, external drives etc.Schedule your synchronization in days, hours and minutesStart the program with automatically to allow regular synchronizationWrite synchronization history to logfileSynchronization Check - see what files would be copied without 'rl' copyingLoad and save synchronization projects including folders to synchronize and scheduler dataDecide if both folders of a couple have same priority or determine a master folderDefine folder exceptions for data that should not be synchronized under any circumstancesProgram can be installed on USB sticks, camera cards or nrly all other re-writable mediaVery low system resources required


OS: ® XP / Vista / 7 / 8


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