Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Blue-Cloner 4.70 Build 617 Incl

INFO:Blue-Cloner is a professional Blu-ray tool to make quality Blu-ray backups sily. It can copy Blu-ray to BD-R/REs or to the hard drive with absolutely the same quality. Blue-Cloner allows you to make Blu-ray copies according to your different needs and preview the source Blu-ray through the customized copy mode. Blue-Cloner enables you to copy Blu-ray discs both in NTSC and PAL formats and copy encrypted Blu-ray without any third party plug-in. It can also convert a Blu-ray folder from the hard to an ISO file and vice versa. The perfect output and audio quality will bring you a happy experience to copy Blu-ray . The decoding function for ATI and NVIDIA cards is supported and the copying speed has been improved grtly.

Blue-Cloner is capable of removing unwanted ftures. It also allows you to make various customized settings, like the selection of audio track and subtitle, the control of the compression rate, and many more.
Its fast copying speed and friendly user interface of Blue-Cloner makes the Blu-ray copy sier than ever. A variety of copy modes will meet your different needs to a large extent. Now you can put away your original Blu-ray discs and enjoy your favorite anytime you like!

-------[Ftures]--------------------------------------• Brand-new interfaces – make the Blu-ray copy super sy and colorful.• Perfect 1:1 Blu-ray copy – makes a copy of the whole Blu-ray disc onto another.• -only copy – copies the main of the original Blu-ray disc to a blank BD-R/RE (25G), omitting unwanted ftures.• Compresses a Blu-ray disc (50G) to a blank BD-R/RE (25G) with no quality loss, including menus and special ftures.• Splits one Blu-ray to two blank BD-R/REs (25G).• Customized copy – select your desired chapter, audio track(s) and subtitle(s) to copy.• Supports for copying 3D Blu-ray .• Copies encrypted Blu-ray without any third party plug-in.• Select to enable decoding and encoding functions with HSTTM to largely incrse the copy speed.• Supports for crting ISO files from Blu-ray discs and ing ISO files to Blu-ray discs.• Converts a Blu-ray folder from the hard to an ISO file and vice versa.• Copies Blu-ray discs both in NTSC and PAL formats.• Preview any of the Blu-ray titles before copying.• Supports for the encoding and decoding functions for NVIDIA and ATI cards.• Set the method as E-DAO or E-SAO.• Select whether to pop up the configuration info before copying.• Supports multiple CPUs to accelerate the Blu-ray copy.• Plays back the copied Blu-ray on the PC with Blu-ray player software.

-------[Requirements]----------------------------------# Minimum configuration:.Pentium-IV 1.0 GHz.512MB of RAM.50 GB free hard space (NTFS partition). XP.A Blu-ray disc drive
# Recommended configuration:. Core2 1.86GHz or a faster processor.2048MB of RAM.50 GB free hard space (NTFS partition).A Blu-ray . Vista,7, 8. Vista,7, 8.A Blu-ray disc drive.An NVIDIA card or an ATI card

-------[What's New in This Relse]--------------------1. Copies up-to-date Blu-ray relsed during Christmas.2. Operates Blue-Cloner smoothly through the improved info prompts for users.

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File Size : 10.8 MB


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